Student Testimonials

Testimonials from our Students

As a female driving instructor I have helped many students become adept roadworthy drivers. Since starting my driving school Skills2Pass, I have guided hundreds of students to success having aided them with my knowledge and experience to become comfortable assured drivers behind the wheel. As a result of my dedication towards my students, countless students went on and passed their driving tests, something which I am immensely pleased about. Its been a pleasure being their personal driving instructor and having taught them how to drive.

Below is a comprehensive list of examples of the many students who learned to drive with Skills2Pass. Rest assured, if you are looking for a reliable professional female driving instructor covering Hayes and the surrounding areas Skills2Pass has you covered.

Amazing Teacher

She is an expert in her field and skilfully teaches using various resources to ensure complete understanding before practising on the road. from start to end she teach and guide very well. Thanks mam

Shamsher Singh

Passed first time

Jaspal is an excellent instructor. She was very helpful and patient in teaching me the skills that I need to pass my driving test. I passed on my first go as I put into practise all the techniques that we have done in the lessons. I could not have done it without her assistance.

Kadian Downes

The best instructor

I passed my driving test thanks to jaspal ma’am.she is very calm.her teaching method is very good and so helpful to learn.really recommend.

Nitharsana Jeniththan

The best

The best driving instructor ever .. very very good and explaining everything .very calm.. she’s definitely the best. Big thanks because of her I just past the driving test

Fartbardha Kuka

Excellent Instructor

Jaspal is an amazing teacher, she is highly experienced and skilled teacher. She helped me pass my test and be a safe driver. She is patient and will work through your weak points until you are confident.

Sadif Bhatti

Highly recommend

Highly recommend, very patient, very good at listening and thorough in teaching. She never gave up on me and supported me through my driving experience

Priya Kaur Sehra

Amazing instructor

The biggest thank you to the most amazing driving instructor ever !! So grateful to Jaspal, I would highly recommend taking lessons with her. After a horrible experience with a previous instructor, Jaspal rebuilt my confidence and helped settle my nerves. Jaspal is patient and supportive, not only teaching you to be a good driver but a safe driver too.

Amazing and Professional

Massive thank you to Jaspal for the guidance and support you have given me. An amazing driving instructor that is very patient and always make you feel comfortable when driving. Very professional and would highly recommend Skills 2 Pass. Thank you.A


Best instructor

If you’re looking for a female instructor then Jaspal is the one to learn with. She’s very patient, gives you the confidence you need and she will support you all the way!! I passed first time today 😬 Thank you so much Jaspal, best instructor ever.


The best Instructor in London

You will find the quality of driving learning with Jaspal, I passed my driving test in one week and all the thanks goes to her.
she has a wonderful character and so much patient in giving all the information in a simple -easy way which makes you confident enough to face your test.
To pass you need the right Instructor who loves his job and can give you the right way to pass and to be a prat of your daily driving.
Many thanks to Jaspal & Skill 2 pass.

Raed Alkhouli

Highly recommended

I would highly recommend using Jaspal as a driving instructor. I have taken refresher lessons with her after not driving for 17 years. I was very nervous at the start, but Jaspal was encouraging, patient and built my confidence.
I now have my own little car and driving around happily. I am still continuing to have the odd lesson with Jaspal to improve my confidence on a-roads and motorways. Along with being friendly, Jaspal also teaches you a lot in one double lesson with take away information emailed to you – whilst also making you feel relaxed! 5star 🙂

Corina S

Jaspal from Skills 2 Pass – Best Driving Instructor!!!

Jaspal is an excellent instructor!!! She has great teaching skills; so much patience, all ears for my endless questions and she explained the techniques in an easy way. She structured the lessons to my needs and ensured that I practised till I got it right. I was a complete beginner and very nervous, what helped is Jaspal put me at ease and she was very encouraging and supportive.
Jaspal is very professional; always on time for the lesson and she would send reminders for the lessons, which I really appreciate. She was very flexible when I needed to adjust the lessons due to my personal commitments.
I passed and am a confident and safe driver. Jaspal…thanks for being such a great instructor. I would highly recommend Jaspal to any prospective drivers.


The best local driving instructor

After two months without any driving practise, low motivation and a driving test fast approaching, I required the best local driving instructor to help me pass. Thankfully Jaspal quickly helped me find my feet again, and made driving exciting and constructive. So, with 2 weeks until my tests, we managed to squeeze in 3 or 4 lessons, and what happened? I passed my driving test with only 3 minors. If you are willing to listen and learn then you will be educated on how to drive properly by the best professional and cooperative instructor around. Highly recommend.

Luke 98

Very very good

I m so glad I learn from her she’s brilliant teach very good I pass my test first time only took 12 lesson I recommend her who wants pass first time

Amarjit K

Great Instructor

I cannot highly recommend Jaspal enough she is such a great instructor. She has a lot of patience, is very polite and explains everything in a calm manner. She is surely one of the best instructors around.

Mandeep K

Excellent driving school

Jaspal is very patient and kind throughout the lessons. She explains everything brilliantly and was determined to get me through the test. We got along so well, that it made the lessons exciting. She was very flexible with her time to help get me a lesson every week which is very much appreciated.

Maria F

Very Professional 5/5!

Stellar teaching style by Jaspal! You don’t only become as someone who knows how to operate a car with her teaching, but as someone who is a SAFE and CONTROLLED driver which means you (and your friends and family) have the confidence in yourself to drive on the roads whatever the situations may be. Thank you so much Jaspal!!

Bhanusha C

Jaspal is the best driving instructor

Jaspal is the best and professional driving instructor I have met. I had taken my driving test in Uxbridge. I am very impressed when I made mistakes during the lessons. She taught me again and again with patience. She is strict to the traffic rules and laws. She wasn’t just teaching me the skills of driving but the attitude of how to drive safely and respect other road users. She encouraged me a lot until I pass my test. She has very strong grip over manouvers with techniques. I will strongly recommend her if you want to pass first time and safe driving in future.

Happy to have my Driving licence.

Sabir H

Highly recommend

Jaspal is an excellent driving instructor. She is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. She ensured we were focusing on what I needed more practice at. She was always very punctual and set out a clear lesson plan.
After each lesson we would reflect on how the lesson went using a diary format on her IPad which was immediately emailed to me after, this was extremely helpful for me as it allowed me to go over what I had previously done in lessons and know what I wanted to focus on in the next lessons. I would highly recommend her for any nervous drivers, she always made me feel calm and very prepared for the actual test.

Anna K

Amazing Instructor

It was my best experience I ever tried in my life,so happy with my instructor 👩‍🏫 I really recommended to everyone 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👌👍

Albulene Z

Perfect instructor for anxious drivers

Jaspal has been patient, supportive and and super caring throughout my lessons. She always brings a positive attitude and is always thoughtful in the way she teaches me.

I started out being an anxious driver and thanks to Jaspal’s teaching method, I have built so much confidence in myself that has carried over to other parts of my life.

She has treated me like family and I am over the moon to say that I have passed my driving test for the first time.

Jan P

Very professional & knowledgeable

Very good teacher passed from the first time explaned very well I recommend her as a very good driving instructor


Best driving instructor around!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad I chose Skills2pass, jaspal is an excellent instructor. I passed my test the first time. She’s very calm ,supportive and patient. She was able to explain things and always had an ear for my hundreds of crazy hypothetical questions. I was very nervous in the beginning but her preparation enabled me to drive confidently by myself even after the lessons ended. Her mock lessons were extremely helpful and a great preparation for the test. I would highly recommend jaspal to anyone looking for lessons.



Highly Recommended!

Jaspal is a wonderful instructor. She is very patient, knowledgeable and has unique way of explaining things which will help learners to learn quickly and also identify their mistakes and rectify easily.
I’ve Passed my test very first time and major credit goes to her. I highly recommend her if anyone looking to have pleasant learning experience. Thanks so much Jaspal for your training and support.


Mine was a very good experience

Mrs Jaspal has been a very good driving instructor and excellent teacher and it has been a priviledge to learn from her.

Professionalism and student-focus

I was looking for a qualified driving instructor for my son when I came across Skills2Pass driving school on
Yell. com. My son started taking driving lessons in August with Jaspal, the owner of the Skills2pass driving school.I found her to be experienced, professional and very helpful. More importantly, she had the ability to put my son at ease.

She put my son’s needs first even when she was going through a very difficult time. Due to the skilful way she trained, my son was able to pass his driving test at the first attempt last week.

I would definitely say my experience with her has been very positive. I, therefore, would not hesitate to recommend her services to any prospective driver.



Would highly recommend Jaspal (Skills 2 Pass)

I passed my test first time after starting lessons with Jaspal (Skills 2 Pass). Jaspal provides clear guidance and well-structured lessons. She is approachable, friendly and really helped me build my skills and confidence in preparation for my test. Would definitely recommend. Thanks Jaspal!

Patient driving instructor

I managed to pass my driving test (first time) today with Jaspal. She is unbelievably patient and helps with nerves. I started off very anxious but slowly gained more confidence with Jaspal. She teaches and briefs really well, and I am so grateful. Definitely recommend!!

Really recommend Jaspal professional driving instructor!

Highly recommend Jaspal as a driving teacher , very helpful, very peaceful ,very nice and very professional ! I passed for the first time my practical exam ! I have done 20 lessons with her but I really fell like i want to do more lessons with her 🙂 after i pass
After every lesson she is discussing with you about what you can improve , what you have done and is going to be in the next lesson ! And all of this she is writing in her ipad after that you get by email straight a way and you can revise at home ! i want to say a big thank you for her help! and if you need to pass for the first time she’s the one who can help 🙂


Very good

Very good instructor taught me so well I passed first time . Cannot fault her in anyway punctual and would go over things till I fully understood what she was saying


Best Driving Instructor

I passed my driving test today on my very first attempt, thanks to Japsals’ guidance. Japsal is a patient and compassionate  instructor who took the time to make sure I understood all of the theory she was teaching. I will enthusiastically and proudly recommend Japsal to anyone interested in taking classes. I am confident that you will succeed.


Very good instructor

Thank you for your support and guidance which directed me in the right way to pass my test within the short span of time .

The best instructor

Jaspal is patient, knowledgeable and calm. Before my refresher lessons with her I hadn’t driven it over 4 years – it made me very nervous and I always thought that driving just wasn’t for me. However since learning with her for the last couple of months I have built up enough confidence to drive to work everyday and go on motorways. Her technique is flawless and learning from her made me realise how little I knew before. She is a fantastic teacher.


Very professional and very patient Instructor!

Jaspal is one of the best driving instructor you could ever have. She’s very patient and will make sure to let you know all the details you needed to pass the test. She help me a lot through my driving journey Highly recommended.

Best driving instructor who truly cares

Having failed a driving test several times, I reached out to Mrs Jaspal who helped me bring back my confidence to drive. There is no other driving instructor who has cared as much for their pupil’s progress. She always sets out a clear agenda, refines my techniques and continually strives to see improvement. She invests in many tools, using cameras for front and rear views of the car to analyse how to drive better not just for a test but for life. With any mistake made she does not shame the pupil for it but is very constructive on how to do better. She corrects every manoeuvre until it is perfected. Now I have finally passed the test (as she promised) and have the confidence to drive.

Mrs Jaspal is one of the rare driving instructors out there who truly cares about their pupils and their ability to drive safely. Without her I would have failed yet another test and might have given up on driving.


Highly Recommended

It is my pleasure to write a review for Jaspal to let all learners know how wonderful she is as a driving instructor. From my first lesson to the day I passed my test, she has been extremely encouraging even at times when I lost confidence in myself. Her positive attitude and pleasant persona kept me motivated. With her efficient learning techniques I was able to drive confidently just within few lessons, which is a big achievement for someone like me who had no previous knowledge of driving. I could tell that this is not just a job for her but more of a passion. Her constant feedback sent via email after every lesson identified my weakness and motivated me to turn them into my strengths. An extremely competent person yet friendly and approachable. Highly recommended.


I Recommend Jaspal

Really recommend Jaspal, nice teacher ,helpful and easy explanation! I passed today my practical exam! Really recommend taking lessons with her ! Thank you Jaspal.


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