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Driving Lessons ( Automatic )

Why Choose Automatic Driving with Skills2Pass?

Opting for automatic driving offers a faster and smoother learning experience compared to manual driving. The absence of a clutch eliminates the need to navigate gear changes manually, making the process significantly easier. Unlike manual transmissions, where mastering the clutch and gear positions can be a daunting task, learning to drive in an automatic vehicle is a breeze.

In an automatic transmission, you only need to familiarize yourself with a few settings. Simply shift to ‘P’ for parking when stationary, ‘R’ for reversing, ‘N’ for a driving break or letting the car ‘roll’ on a downhill road, and ‘D’ for regular driving. It’s as straightforward as putting the gear in ‘D’ mode, and off you go!


Choosing the automatic option not only simplifies the learning process but also reduces the stress associated with handling a manual gearbox. Our experienced instructor, Jaspal Bansal, a dedicated Female Driving Instructor in Hayes, ensures that your journey to becoming a skilled driver is both enjoyable and efficient. Trust Skills2Pass for a seamless automatic driving experience tailored to your success.”


Learn to drive an automatic with Skills2Pass

If you’re looking for expert guidance in mastering the art of driving an automatic car, Skills2Pass has you covered. While our base is in Hayes, Middlesex, we extend our services across West London and the surrounding areas. Our dedicated instructor ensures a top-notch learning experience, where each lesson becomes an enjoyable and insightful journey.


Whether you’re a novice or looking to refine your skills, our instructor guarantees the best possible driving lessons. With a focus on creating a positive and engaging atmosphere, you’ll find each lesson not only informative but also a source of confidence in handling an automatic vehicle.


At Skills2Pass, our goal is to equip you with the necessary skills and confidence to effortlessly navigate an automatic vehicle. Your journey to becoming a proficient driver is our priority, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your driving test in no time. Join us for an enriching learning experience, led by our skilled Female Driving Instructor in Hayes.

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Key Learning Points

  • Understanding the Car dashboard and controls
  • Mastering the gas and break pedal when in ‘D’rive mode
  • Moving off from a stationary position safely while using mirrors and indicators
  • Showing awareness and understanding of road signs
  • Sensible and responsible control of car speed while keeping correct car lengths distance
  • Giving way to oncoming traffic on tight bi-directional residential roads
  • Learning reverse parking
  • Confidence and awareness at round-abouts
  • Confidence driving on dual carriageways.
  • Carrying out bay parking
  • Learning emergency breaking

Driving Lessons – Preparation Checklist

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Block Lessons

We are able to provide block lessons for students to help them accelerate their learning. Click below to find out more.

Learn to drive an Automatic with Skills2Pass!

We can help learn to you master the automatic transmission vehicle!

Lesson Prices

We offer different courses to suit all levels of students from complete beginners to those who have passed their driving tests. Check out our pricing tables to learn more.

Learning Material

Need help with learning to drive? Need assistance with Theory Test Preparation? Need to brush up with the highway code? We have assembled a list of useful links and resources to help you in all these areas!

Kind words former students:

I have passed my driving test recently and I want first to say thank you to Jaspal, for everything she teach me, for how friendly, warm she is.


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