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Driving Lessons (Pass Plus)

What is the Pass Plus course?

The Pass Plus Course is an intensive advanced driving course aimed at taking ones driving skills to the next level. Put simply, it is a course for anybody who has passed their driving test, holds a driving license and wants to learn extra advanced vehicle control, handling and driving skills. Everything that your instructor taught you in your lessons will be used here to good effect as well as building on what you already know as a driver.

How long does this course take to complete?

The Pass Plus course takes 6 hours to complete. The course can be taken by anybody who holds a valid drivers license but ideally it is recommended to take this course after the successful completion of your driving test. It is usually taken around a year after one has passed their practical driving test however one can take this course later than this if they wish. The instructor at Skills2Pass is ADI certified, meaning they are an Advanced Driving Instructor. Only ADI certified instructors are allowed to teach Pass Plus courses and certify students on completion.

What is covered in the Pass Plus course?

The Pass Plus training course takes 6 hours to complete as mentioned earlier. It will consist of 6 modules which will train you in the following areas:

  1. Driving within town areas
  2. Driving through various weather conditions
  3. Driving in secluded, quiet country and rural areas
  4. Driving during night
  5. Driving on dual carriageways
  6. Driving on the motorways

These 6 modules above will be practical hands-on sessions with the student applying themselves and learning behind the wheel of the vehicle. There is no ‘test’ as such, however your instructor will be assessing your performance throughout the duration of the course which will last approximately 6 hours. In order to pass this driving course, the student must demonstrate acceptable levels of proficiency across all 6 modules in order for the ADI certified Instructor to apply or your Pass Plus certificate.

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Key Learning Points – Pass Plus Course

  • Understanding the Car dashboard and controls
  • Mastering the gas and break pedal when in ‘D’rive mode
  • Moving off from a stationary position safely while using mirrors and indicators
  • Showing awareness and understanding of road signs
  • Sensible and responsible control of car speed while keeping correct car lengths distance
  • Giving way to oncoming traffic on tight bi-directional residential roads
  • Learning reverse parking
  • Confidence and awareness at round-abouts
  • Confidence driving on dual carriageways.
  • Carrying out three point turns
  • Learning emergency breaking

Driving Lessons – Preparation Checklist

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Kind words from former students:

I have passed my driving test recently and I want first to say thank you to Jaspal, for everything she teach me, for how friendly, warm she is.


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