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Frequently Asked Questons - FAQ's

We hope that you found our website informative and insightful however we understand you may have questions that perhaps have not been answered having browsed through our website in which case we refer you to our Frequently Asked Questions data bank below. Before giving us a call, we encourage you to have a look below just so a question you have in mind is addressed.

Yes. Part of learning how to drive involves mastering control of the vehicle under all weather conditions. This will make sure you that you will become a professional roadworthy driver.

Yes, as a professional driving instructor should the students require help with booking their driving test I will be on hand and ready to help them.

At Skills2Pass, students are taught in both a Manual and Automatic.  The make and model of both cars is Skoda Fabia.

In order to book a block lessons course it has to be a minimum of 10 hours.

A hazard perception test is part of the theory test where you do your theory questions and hazard perception questions at the same time to pass your theory test. Both need to be passed in order to pass the theory test.

The Pass Plus Course is an optional course but it is worth taking it because it gives you all weather training, night training as well as motorway training. The advantages of the Pass Plus Course is your car insuruance goes down after successfully completing the pass plus course.

Manual (Standard) Lessons from £38 per hour!

To start taking lessons call us on: 07849 475446

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