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Manual (Motorways)

Motorway Driving Course: Boost Your Confidence on Highways

Our Motorway Driving Course is designed to empower learner drivers, including recent passers, to gain confidence and assurance in handling vehicles on motorways. At Skills2Pass, your dedicated instructor will guide you through mastering crucial aspects of car driving on motorways, ensuring you develop the confidence to navigate them effortlessly.

Who Benefits from This Course?

In essence, this course caters to anyone seeking increased confidence while driving on motorways. It proves especially beneficial for those who have recently obtained their driving licenses but possess limited experience with motorway driving, aside from their lessons as learner drivers.

Course Pricing Details

Motorway course lessons are competitively priced at £45 per hour, with a minimum requirement of two hours. Should you wish to extend your lessons, we provide flexibility to accommodate your needs. To explore block lesson options for Motorway courses, feel free to contact us via phone on 07849 47446 or complete our inquiry form on the contact page. We’ll promptly respond to your queries.

Understanding the Course Structure

Unlike traditional courses, the Motorway Driving Course doesn’t have a fixed duration. The number of sessions varies based on individual needs. Some students may find comfort and confidence after just one or two sessions (equivalent to 4 hours). In contrast, others, viewing Motorway driving as their ‘Achilles heel,’ may opt for 8 to 12 hours or more to master the intricacies of motorway driving. Our approach is tailored to meet your specific requirements, ensuring you feel adept and confident on the motorway. For more information or to book this course call: 07849 475446

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Key Learning Points


    • Keeping correct distance in car lengths between vehicle in front

    • Joining and leaving Motorways from slip roads

    • Changing lane positions safely while using mirrors and indicators

    • Showing awareness and understanding of road signs on motorways

    • Giving way to oncoming traffic on tight bi-directional residential roads

    • Learning reverse parking

    • Confidence and awareness at round-abouts

    • Confidence driving on dual carriageways.

    • Carrying out bay parking


    • Learning emergency breaking

Got any questions?

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Lesson Prices

We offer different courses to suit all levels of students from complete beginners to those who have passed their driving tests. Check out our pricing tables to learn more.

Looking to take your Driving skills to the next level?

At Skills2pass we offer you the perfect course to enable you to improve your driving skills and make you and ever safer driver on roads and motorways.

Kind words former students:

I passed my test first time after starting lessons with Jaspal (Skills 2 Pass). Jaspal provides clear guidance and well-structured lessons. She is approachable, friendly and really helped me build my skills and confidence in preparation for my test. Would definitely recommend. Thanks Jaspal!


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